Anaren Atmosphere Version 2.0 is an Easy-to-Use IoT Development Environment

Anaren Atmosphere

Anaren, one of the leading designer, manufacturer and seller of custom high-frequency solutions has announced the release of version 2.0 of its innovative Anaren Atmosphere online development platform. Atmosphere provides embedded, mobile and cloud developers an exceptionally fast way to create IoT applications with an easy-to-use IoT development environment. The completely redesigned online platform generates embedded firmware as well as mobile application code to connect Anaren AIR Wi-Fi to the cloud and Bluetooth Smart modules with mobile devices, enabling embedded hardware for IoT connectivity.

With the newer version, users will now be able to simultaneously create and deploy a corresponding hosted web application. All design functions, including cloud visualization, use a drag-and-drop approach that does not require the need for command line coding - although code can be customized if desired. Atmosphere 2.0 also provides access to a large and growing library of sensors and other IoT elements for easy application creation. Its unique approach immediately accelerates design cycles, lowers risk, while removing cost in the development process as no specialized knowledge in hardware embedded coding, mobile application creation or web development is needed.

Atmosphere 2.0 can host device and sensor data in its cloud-based environment and offer a highly customizable web-based user interface. The Atmosphere Cloud™ hosting option allows each user to host up to five devices at once with a limited amount of bandwidth that to free of charge. The Atmosphere toolset is ideal for a variety of developers - from those who are simply looking to record single sensor data to those developing rich, complex device monitoring applications. Additional updates for Atmosphere 2.0 include upgrades to its mobile app and Atmosphere programmer software, the addition of new IoT elements within the library, updates to the Atmosphere user interface, along with numerous performance improvements.

Anaren has a proven record of accomplishment for delivering valuable automation tools and building blocks to wireless product developers. To date, they have sold millions of wireless modules, and more than 30,000 wireless development kits. Through its Atmosphere development environment, Anaren is directly supporting the efforts of thousands of IoT developers.