The Fastest Point-to-Point Wireless Solution to be Showcased at MWC 2017

InfiNet Wireless, a global leader in fixed broadband wireless connectivity recently announced that it will be showcasing its new InfiLINK XG 1000, the fastest Point-to-Point wireless solution available in the marketplace today at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2017.

The InfiLINK XG 1000 is designed specifically to meet the backhauling needs of service providers of all types, as well as enterprises from all industry sectors, such as 4G/LTE backhauls, digital oilfields connectivity or homeland security. It can provide throughputs of up to 1 Gigabit per second over the air in the 5 GHz license-free frequency band, effectively doubling the capacity of InfiNet's current high performance product, the InfiLINK XG. This new version is an enhanced addition to the InfiLINK XG family with new frequency bands and an improved spectral efficiency to deliver a higher throughput in even smaller channel sizes with reduced latency (under 3ms).

InfiNet will also be showcasing their latest portfolio of wireless solutions at the event. It will include the significantly revamped InfiMAN 2x2 product family, which is complemented by a brand-new base station unit equipped with smart beam antenna technology and a new range of high-performance subscriber terminals fitted with 300 mW (25 dBm) radio transmit modules.

InfiNet Wireless would be found at Stand 1E46 in Hall 1 at the MWC 2017 event.