Sivers IMA Launches New 60 GHz RFIC Chip For WiGig

Sivers IMA has announced the launch of a new beam-forming transceiver RFIC at the upcoming Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona. The TRX-BF01 is a WiGig/802.11ad compliant 16+16 beam forming transceiver. It is a carrier grade, high speed WiGig RFIC targeted at data and telecommunication infrastructure applications for the network solutions of today and tomorrow. The TRX-BF01 currently supports the 60 GHz V-band and can be used in high speed fixed wireless access (FWA), meshed networking and backhaul as well as front-haul solutions.

The TRX-BF01 has 16 Tx +16 Rx digitally controlled beam-forming channels in a single chip. It includes all building blocks in Silicon Germanium, in a small 12, 5×12, 5 mm eWLB capsule. The built in full PLL and VCO have excellent phase noise and hence offer best in class EVM performance and can be used with the 64 QAM single carrier modulation, compliant to the 802.11ad standard, allowing for speeds up to 7 Gbps in the air. Silicon Germanium offers state of the art performance compared to other CMOS RFICs for millimeter wave, in some cases more than 100 times higher output power per Tx channel.

Prototypes of the new chip will be available to key customers and partners during Q2 2017.