Nokia and University of Oulu Collaborate on Wireless Infrastructure for 5G and Beyond

Nokia Bell Labs and the University of Oulu have announced a collaboration for establishing a new research and training center focusing on work around wireless infrastructure for 5G and beyond. They both signed an agreement for The Nokia Bell Labs and University of Oulu Joint Center for Future Connectivity on 10 February 2017.

The collaborative center will aim to become a world leader in developing future 10X technologies – disruptive ideas with ten times greater impact than the state of the art today – for the new digital era, where networks will have seemingly infinite capacity, much greater energy efficiency, heightened application awareness and built-in self-optimization.

With virtual and augmented reality applications being considered as the basis for future interactions in seamless connectivity, the center’s initial research themes will focus on developing new radio technologies for 5G and early demonstrations of 5G’s possibilities. A new spearhead project has already begun under this agreement focusing on 5G RFIC design, 5G test network and system development activities.

With this collaboration, Nokia will ensure that the right technical selections and architectures for future communication networks are made available early enough. The company will also benefit from the university’s live-lab environment to build joint experiments for pre-commercial products.

Publisher: everything RF