Dual-Frequency Programmable Card Reader with Bluetooth Low Energy Technology

RF Ideas, a leading innovator and manufacturer of employee badge readers for in-building applications, is showcasing its pcProx® Plus BLE with Bluetooth low energy technology for mobile applications at the HIMSS 17, the annual conference and exhibition of the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society being held in Orlando, USA.

RF IDeas pcProx® Plus BLE is a dual frequency programmable card reader with Bluetooth low energy technology. The reader provides the advantages of reading proximity (125 kHz), contactless (13.56 MHz) smart cards, and devices enabled with Bluetooth, all in one device. Depending on the end user’s application software, pcProx Plus BLE can be configured to utilize Bluetooth low energy beaconing to serve a wide variety of use cases, including in-building location and item tracking. Additionally, mobile devices equipped with Bluetooth low energy technology can be used as secure authentication and identification credentials, making it ideal for healthcare applications.

RF IDeas is also showcasing other new products:

  • pcProx 13.56 MHz Nano: The ultra-compact reader which is available for workers on-the-go or embedded applications, ideal for mobile work stations or on-the-go bedside applications.
  • pcProx Plus SP: A badge reader designed for secure printing applications, integrated installation and various external mounting configurations, great for remaining compliant with strict HIPAA regulations within healthcare.
  • pcProx Plus: A dual frequency pcProx Plus reader available with four badge configurations, becomes especially critical when hospital systems merge.

Among other things at the HIMSS 17, RF Ideas along with Amico CorporationIdentity Automation, KSI, Micro FocusPrinter Logic and Sharp are demonstrating authentication solutions for secure print, workplace authentication solutions, and authentication applications for on-the-go work stations.