MaxLinear Unveils New Family of Broadband Microwave Transceivers

MaxLinear has launched the MxL1100 family of fully integrated, all CMOS broadband microwave transceivers for 5G, wireless backhaul, wireless front-haul and satellite broadband applications. The first device in the product family is the MxL1105, a single-chip broadband microwave transceiver that can support all licensed and unlicensed bands from 5 GHz to 44 GHz, including all ETSI-defined channel spacing options from 5 MHz and 224 MHz. The wideband MxL1105 single-chip transceiver solution replaces custom, band-specific designs incorporating hundreds of discrete components, while adding features and capabilities that can only be practically realized in an advanced CMOS process.

At the Mobile World Congress 2017, MaxLinear will demonstrate the broadband MxL1105 paired with a phased-array antenna showcasing the flexibility of the platform to support multi-user MIMO and beam forming applications for newly proposed 5G frequency bands.

The MxL1105 incorporates a full receive, transmit, digital pre-distortion receiver feedback path, and all synthesizer components on a single chip, and can support all QAM modulation code rates up to 4096 QAM. The closed loop digital pre-distortion provides power amplifier (PA) linearization for a wide variety of PAs.

Full Spectrum Capture (FSC) technology enables the MXL1105 to support channel aggregation mode enabling a second channel of any channel spacing to be processed within the same IC.

The MxL1105 is now available from MaxLinear’s worldwide sales team.