Qorvo Introduces the Industry’s First 5G Front End Solution

Qorvo has announced the launch of industry’s first 5G RF front-end (RFFE) for smartphones, laptops, tablets and other wireless mobile devices. The highly integrated, high performance QM19000 RFFE delivers high linearity, ultra-low latency, and extremely high throughput to meet or exceed the developing requirements of upcoming 5G applications.

With 5G networks expected to be operational by 2020 and approximately 25% of new subscriptions in North America to feature 5G by 2022, Qorvo is paving a path to 5G by helping define 5G standards as a delegate to 3GPP, and through close collaboration with the leading wireless infrastructure manufacturers, network operators, chipset providers and smartphone manufacturers. They have helped conduct dozens of 5G field trials and are uniquely positioned to accelerate the transition to 5G with a broad portfolio of innovative RF products covering frequencies ranging from 600 MHz to 80 GHz.

The company is now building more functionality into their RF solutions by combining BAW, TC-SAW and SAW filters, their high-throw count switches and multimode, multi-band power amplifiers. With the introduction of industry’s first 5G-capable RF front end, developed in close collaboration with a leading global chipset provider, they now look to broaden set of opportunities for in ultra-high speed 4G LTE, LTE-A and 5G connectivity.

Qorvo is showcasing its industry-leading portfolio of advanced RF Front End solutions for solving RF Complexity™ at the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2017).


  • Country: United States
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