Skyworks Introduces Highly Integrated Front End Solution for Premium Mobile Devices

Skyworks Solutions has introduced the SkyOne Ultra 3.0, a new highly integrated front-end solution for premium mobile device and smartphone manufacturers worldwide. SkyOne Ultra 3.0 is based on the powerful SkyBlue technology that features industry-leading efficiency and is a fully optimized front-end system that incorporates all of the high performance RF and analog functionality including power amplification, duplex filtering and antenna switching into a single device.

The module integrates low noise receive amplifiers, allowing customers to achieve much better sensitivity levels than previously possible. SkyOne Ultra 3.0 supports all major carrier aggregation (CA) combinations, meets class 2 high power user equipment (HPUE) requirements and addresses 2.5G/3G/4G handsets for more than 23 bands of LTE.

By leveraging their broad systems expertise and in-house filter capabilities, they are able to push the integration envelope, by bringing high performance solutions to customers worldwide. With solutions like SkyOne Ultra 3.0, they are turning complex integrations into a simple turnkey solution, unburdening customers from demanding RF challenges and ensuring a seamless connectivity experience while reducing time to market.

SkyOne Ultra 3.0 solutions consist of the following:

SKY78130 – Front-end module for WCDMA/LTE (Low Bands)
SKY78131 – Front-end module for WCDMA/LTE (Mid Bands)
SKY78132 – Front-end module for WCDMA/LTE (High Bands)
SKY77365 – Power amplifier for quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE
SKY87021 – Power management IC with SkyBlue enabling technology

SkyOne Ultra 3.0 will be released for volume production in the second half of 2017 but will be at display by Skyworks at the MWC 2017.