Keysight and Samsung Electronics Announce 5G Collaboration

Keysight Technologies and Samsung Electronics have announced a technology collaboration for the development and testing of future 5G technology. The companies will help enable the design and deployment of 5G devices to support early operator trials with the initial focus on the 5GTF specifications.

Keysight and Samsung have been working closely since September of last year to align their respective product portfolios around the specification and build an ecosystem of interoperable products. In addition to critical interoperability testing around the 5GTF specification, the cooperation between the companies is also being seen as an important step for accelerating ecosystem growth and for scaling the equipment verification and production process. For Samsung, compatibility of its products with Keysight’s simulation and analysis portfolio is a critical step towards enabling rapid manufacturing of 5G equipment.

With the first set of 5G specifications based on Verizon’s 5GTF now in accords, first trial networks have been started to be deployed. 

Both the companies are working towards the idea of 5G being the ultimate evolution of future technology and thus it is critical to tap into the millimeter wave spectrum to support the needs of future applications, while ensuring coexistence of current networks and services. The companies conducting a joint 5G technology demonstration in the Samsung booth at the Mobile World Congress 2017 (MWC 17) in Barcelona.