Sierra Wireless Launches World’s First Plug-and-Play Technology for IoT Complexity

Sierra Wireless has announced the launch of the world’s first ‘plug-and-play’ cellular modules and routers with pre-integrated global connectivity, IoT operation management and security. The new technology reduces the time to launch IoT solutions, streamline operations and enable business model flexibility, thereby accelerating the global IoT economy.

The new cellular modules and routers will enable customers to select a single pre-certified solution to instantaneously connect and remotely manage a fleet of IoT products and services across the globe, and over the lifetime of the deployment. This is being seen as a vast improvement to today’s practice of procuring devices, sourcing multiple connectivity subscriptions and SIM cards for global coverage, and finally integrating disparate provisioning and management platforms.

With built-in security from the device, through the mobile network, to the cloud, Sierra Wireless’ innovative technology will allow users to remotely provision and change connectivity providers over the air without ever physically accessing their devices. This will reduce risks and gives companies the flexibility to develop and scale IoT applications and services over time and around the world. Having both connectivity management and device management on a single platform is a significant advantage that will allow users to leverage data from their devices and the network to drive their business. The company is also bringing the flexibility to access global MNOs over the air, which is a key factor in enabling the global IoT economy.

Sierra Wireless is piloting the fully integrated solution with select customers, and will be available for large scale deployments in the second half of 2017 in select embedded module and router products. The devices come pre-integrated with Smart SIM connectivity, latest eUICC remote provisioning technology and the AirVantage® IoT Platform for application enablement - providing the entire IoT infrastructure needed to create, connect and manage IoT solutions.