Aviat Networks selects MaxLinear for its Highest Capacity Microwave Radio

MaxLinear has recently announced that Aviat Networks, a global provider of microwave networking solutions, has selected the MaxLinear MxL1105 CMOS transceiver and MxL85650 baseband SoC for its new WTM 4000 microwave radio which is said to be the highest capacity microwave radio ever produced, offering up to 2.5 Gbps uncompressed throughput per radio transceiver.

The WTM 4000 is the industry’s first purpose-built IP-software defined networking (SDN) radio with an integrated IP/MPLS software stack and built-in support for SDN protocols like NETCONF/YANG and OpenFlow for standards-based network automation. It will come enabled with MaxLinear’s cutting-edge SoCs, together with their software protocols and microwave systems expertise, enabling a highly-differentiated microwave networking solution.

The MaxLinear MxL1105 is an all-CMOS, single-chip broadband microwave transceiver that can support all licensed and unlicensed bands from 5 GHz to 44 GHz, including all ETSI-defined channel spacing options from 5 MHz to 224 MHz. With built-in Full Spectrum Capture™ (FSC™) technology, the device supports channel aggregation mode, enabling a second channel of any channel spacing to be processed within the same IC. It incorporates a full receive, transmit, feedback path, and all synthesizer components on a single chip, and can support code rates up to 4096 QAM. The closed-loop digital pre-distortion provides power amplifier (PA) linearization for a wide variety of PAs.

The MxL85650 SoC is a fifth-generation SoC family for broadband wireless transmission systems and brings advanced features and performance to the microwave point-to-point industry, with high capacity features such as 4 x 4 cross polarization interference cancellation (XPIC), multiple input, multiple output (MIMO) antenna support, wide 112 MHz channels, high 4096 QAM modulation, dual channel on a single I/Q or intermediate frequency (IF) analog front end (AFE) interface,  packet fragmentation and header compression, synchronous Ethernet, and IEEE 1588 support.

Aviat selected both the devices because of their high level of integration, market-leading performance, low power consumption and wide frequency range of operation. The combination of the two devices supports the full microwave frequency range, greatly reducing the number of parts that discrete implementations require. The high level of integration also minimize external bill of material content, while supporting advanced features like digital pre-distortion, and channel aggregation and calibration.

Maxlinear is showcasing their capabilities for early 5G field trials at MWC 2017.