Ultra-Broadband Solid State Amplifiers for Electronic Warfare to Replace TWT Amplifiers

Qorvo has introduced three new Solid-State Power Amplifier (SSPA) modules that further expand the power and frequency range of their Spatium amplifier family. The modules are optimized for electronic warfare applications, enabling defense customers to use ultra-wideband SSPA technology as an alternative to traveling wave tube amplifiers (TWTAs). The Spatium amplifier family was originally created by Cap Wireless and then acquired by TriQuint which is now Qorvo.

The need for wider bandwidth, higher frequency and higher performance is expected to drive growth for gallium nitride (GaN) in defense applications, with the market to approach $342 million by 2020. The Spatium technology with GaN places Qorvo in an ideal position to address defense TWTA replacements without compromising high power and broadband performance. Spatium products feature ultra-efficient RF power-combining capabilities built on GaN on silicon carbide (SiC) MMIC technology. This creates a highly stable, reliable, high-performance TWTA alternative for demanding airborne, electronic warfare, test and simulation applications. Solid-state Spatium modules have longer service lifetimes than comparable TWTAs, and offer advantages in size, weight, power and cost (SWAP-C).

The new modules include a 2-6 GHz/300-watt unit, a 2-18 GHz/60-watt unit, and a 2-8 GHz/150-watt unit. Each unit is available as a solo amplifier building block or as a Spatium-based rack mountable box with a driver, internal power supply and fan, suitable for bench-top demonstration or laboratory test equipment.



  • Country: United States
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