AVX Introduces Multilayer Organic High Pass Filters for Wireless Applications

AVX Corporation has released a new series of low profile, high performance, high pass filters based on AVX’s patented and proven multilayer organic (MLO) high density interconnect technology. The new HF Series MLO high pass filters utilize high dielectric constants and low loss materials to help engineers integrate high Q passive printed elements, such as inductors and capacitors, in multilayer stacks with land grid array surface mount packaging that’s expansion-matched to most organic printed circuit board materials, providing improved reliability over standard silicon and ceramic devices.

This new filter series has a low insertion loss, excellent rejection, low parasitics, favorable heat dissipation characteristics, and are matched to 50 Ohms. They support a wide frequency range from 0.74 GHz to 2.83 GHz, making them ideal for use a variety of wireless applications, including: mobile communication devices, global positioning systems (GPS), vehicle location systems, wireless local area networks (LANs), satellite receivers, and instrumentation.

MLO filters integrate inductors and capacitors into a small, low profile package, thereby eliminating the need to construct filters using discrete capacitors and inductors. This improves performance and reliability, reduces the required board placement space, and removes the need for tuning using individual capacitors and inductors. These qualities, combined with their extremely low profile (maximum height of 0.559 mm), are critical to enabling the development of the smaller, more capable wireless electronics that the market demands.

RoHS compliant and lead-free, HF Series MLO high pass filters are currently available in five case sizes with varying lengths (6.579 mm ±0.05 mm, and 7.785 mm, 8.674 mm, and 10.198 mm, ±0.254 mm) and fixed widths and heights (3.97 mm and 0.559 mm, ±0.254 mm, respectively), and are supplied with gold terminations that are compatible with automatic soldering technologies including: reflow, wave soldering, vapor phase, and manual. The series is rated for operating temperatures spanning -55°C to +85°C, is 100% tested for electrical parameters, and can be shipped in waffle or bulk packaging. Lead-time for the series is currently stock to 14 weeks.