New Pulsed L Band Scalable Amplifier Series with Power Levels up to 8,000 Watts

Empower RF has released a New Scalable Pulsed L Band Amplifier with an expandable system hardware architecture designed to save you money. To increase the power required from the amplifier, you just need to add power amplifier blocks to the system. Adding a 3U power amplifier block is accomplished easily and simply with no phase matching required. In addition to scalability, this amplifier offers an inherently rugged design and is based on next generation architecture that virtually eliminates every internal connector found in the industries typical RF/Microwave amplifier system. The amplifiers operate from 1000 MHz to 2000 MHz with power levels up to 8,000 Watts (Peak).

These Scalable Pulsed L band amplifiera have a lower initial cost and inexpensive upgrade path that includes AGC (Automatic Gain Control) and ALC (Automatic Level Control) output operating modes that simplifies overall system integration by eliminating the need to build a costly external feedback loop with external dual directional couplers, power sensors, exciter control, and the software and computation power.

Empower amplifiers have the ability to operate in AGC (Automatic Gain Control) mode since both the RF input level and RF output levels are sampled in real time. The built in feedback loop, enables the amplifiers to have a much flatter response over the entire operating frequency band when compared to a typical amplifier which has an unleveled open loop response that often varies more than 3 dB. Genrally amplifiers are ideally suited for fixed gain applications, where operators want to have the ability to increase or decrease (adjust) the output power based on varying the RF input level without having to read output power from a costly external DDC, cables, power meter and power sensors.

These amplifier are also suited for applications where the amplifier output power must maintain a set output level regardless of amplitude variations of the RF input signal level. This is accomplished by accurately measuring the RF output level and comparing it to a digital reference level, in real time, the reference is set by the user either through the front panel or as a SCPI command via the LAN port. Another huge benefit of the ALC (Automatic Level Control) mode is that it, allows you to build a system with uncalibrated components. So you do not need to build your own feedback loop to control the exciter RF amplitude.

Some highlights of the Scalable Pulsed L Band Amplifier in Protections and Remote Monitoring:

  • Electronic VSWR protection for Excessive VSWR with user selectable Fold-Back or Shutdown on fault
  • Duty Cycle and Pulse Width protection exceeding user  Pre-set Value
  • Power Supply faults including input mains Line Voltage faults, over current and output voltage
  • Output Power limit
  • Input Overdrive
  • Cooling and Electronic thermal management including fan health speed
  • RF section component  failure - will back down power to a safe operating level with "Graceful Output Power Degradation" to maximize “On Air” effectiveness for Mission Critical applications
  • Local and Remote Monitoring and Control user interfaces, including a Web browser, TCP/IP Ethernet, factory configurable serial RS-422 or RS232 interface and a front panel touch screen display.

This series consists of three different amplifiers that operate from 1000 MHz to 2000 MHz with power levels ranging from 2,000 Watts (Peak) to 8,000 Watts (Peak):

2206: 1000 to 2000 MHz Power Amplifier with 2,000 Watts (Peak)

2207: 1000 to 2000 MHz Power Amplifier with 4,000 Watts (Peak)

2208: 1000 to 2000 MHz Power Amplifier with 8,000 Watts (Peak)

Publisher: everything RF