Telit & Qualcomm Demonstrated Live Cat M1 Network Applications at MWC 17

Telit in a joint showcase with Qualcomm Technologies demonstrated live CAT M1 applications at the Mobile World Congress 2017. Cat M1 is one of the new low-power categories defined in Release 13 of the LTE standard by 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project). The standard is designed specifically for IoT applications and can co-exist with today’s LTE infrastructure and spectrum, which offer a superior solution to proprietary technologies for low-power wide area networks, and are expected to have a large impact on the IoT space.

The development which was announced in September 2016 will generate a roadmap of Cat M1 and Cat NB1 products complete with GNSS integration and GPRS fallback. The first Cat M1 variants of the family are already under certification in the US while the European banded models are being completed to match Cat M1 and Cat NB1 network rollouts starting in 2017.

At the MWC, Telit showcased its ME910C1 ThingSpace-ready module based on Qualcomm Technologies' MDM9206 LTE modem in support of a Cat M1 asset tracking demo at the Qualcomm booth. The application demonstrates a package tracking device utilizing Verizon’s ThingSpace client, demonstrating drop, theft, movement and location tracking as well as temperature monitoring, highlighting the technology engineered for deep in-building coverage and multi-year battery life.

Telit also participated in a live demo on LTE low-power category in cooperation with Eurotech and utilizing the same MDM9206 LTE modem. In the demo, a Bluetooth sensor connects to a Eurotech Multi-service IoT gateway which is integrated with a Telit ME910C1-E1 Cat M1 IoT Module. The data is then sent to a Eurotech EveryWare Cloud server, using an over-the-air transmission in band 20 (800MHz) serviced by Telefonica and carried by the Ericsson state-of-the-art Cat M1 infrastructure. The live, over-the-air demonstration is also a clear indicator of the advanced state of development of the Telit Cat M1 portfolio, with a module variant already running European bands.

At its own booth, Telit previewed the range of low-power category LTE Release 13 compliant modules. The portfolio of Cat M1 IoT Modules include a number of variants of the ME910C1 series, member of Telit’s xE910 28.2 x 28.2 mm flagship module family and the ME866, a member of the xE866 miniature, low-power family measuring 15 x 25 mm which also includes Cat NB1, LoRa, BLE and Wi-Fi modules in a nested form factor concept .Click here to know more about Telit Cat M and NBIoT modules.