Tiny New Horn Antennas Aid Testing of 5G Millimetre-Wave Equipment

Link MicrotekLink Microtek, a distributor and manufacturer of RF/microwave components and subsystems, has unveiled a new family of miniature horn antennas that have been developed for millimetre-wave testing in 5G developments and EMC compliance.

This new series of six horn antennas is ideal for test houses or manufacturers of E-band radio communications equipment. The AMHA-V1 series of horns can be utilised as either transmitters or receivers for measurements of products’ electromagnetic susceptibility or emissions in accordance with international EMC standards laid down by organisations such as IEC, ISO and CISPR.

The antennas operate in frequency bands starting from 40 to 60 GHz and operate all the way up to 170 to 260 GHz to allow measurement of harmonics. The smallest unit, covering the highest frequency band, is only 16.6mm in length, while its WR4 waveguide opening has inner dimensions of just 1.09 x 0.55mm.

All six horns in the range deliver a typical gain of 20-23 dBi and feature a modified standard flange design to ensure correct mounting within the test rig. These antennas are designed and manufactured at Link Microtek’s facility in Basingstoke, UK. The AMHA-V1 millimetre-wave horns are accurately machined for optimum performance and can be fabricated from either brass or aluminium with a black satin paint finish.

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