ETL Systems Showcases New RF innovations at SATELLITE 2017

ETL Systems showcased its new range of technologies in RF distribution at the SATELLITE 2017 event in Washington DC last week. The display consisted of ETL Systems’ new customizable RF matrices, the 64x64 Hurricane matrix routers and the 128x128 Harrier matrix routers, which made its US show debut.

The compact Hurricane router, is the smallest matrix in the market with integrated LNB powering options. It can eliminate the need for additional chassis for LNB powering and fiber receiver modules as it can all be integrated within the matrix. The Harrier 10U matrix provides similar benefits to the Hurricane, including the ability to customize the router with input modules that match the customer’s specific RF signal requirements, depending on the satellite feed. Each input can be tailored with different features including fiber connector inputs, LNB powering, variable gain and variable slope compensation to balance signal levels.

The company’s presence at SATELLITE 17 follows major contract wins in the region, including a major telecommunications company which selected ETL to equip several ground stations worldwide with RF signal distribution equipment to route the U.S. Navy’s traffic. A significant order was also placed by a network communications service provider, which is launching an additional eight satellites and placed an order with ETL to provide a full matrix expansion to all of its gateway stations to handle its expected increase in traffic.

Their presence at the event also comes after the recent announcement that the company’s Ensign RF Switch Matrix / Router was nominated by the World Teleport Association for Teleport Technology of the Year. The Ensign Matrix is an innovative fan-in fan-out (FIFO) router that is able to split and combine feeds at the same time, for uplink and downlink traffic. The award, which was presented at a ceremony at SATELLITE on March 7, recognizes companies and individuals who have dramatically demonstrated excellence in the field of teleport operations, development and technology.

ETL also showcased their popular StingRay RF over Fibre options, Alto variable gain redundancy amplifiers, and a range of other RF components. They also hosted a champagne event for Satellite Interference Group (SIRG) on March 8.