Intel Selects Anaren's Atmosphere 2.0 IoT Solutions for their Curie Modules

The Anaren IoT Group has announced that Intel will be using their Atmosphere 2.0, IoT platform for rapid prototyping and design for its Curie based devices. Intel’s Curie module is available as a design element within Atmosphere, both at the module level and within devices like the Arduino 101 development board and the element14 tinyTILE from Premier Farnell. The new engagement will represent a unique opportunity for Intel Curie™ users to benefit from Atmosphere's simple drag and drop environment with fast prototyping and rapid web deployment capabilities.

Premier Farnell is showcasing Intel's use of Atmosphere by Anaren at Embedded World 2017 in Nuremberg, Germany. The newly augmented development environment and demos have been designed specifically to take advantage of Anaren Atmosphere's new capabilities. Premier Farnell's team will also be demonstrating a number of applications specially designed to highlight Intel Curie and its onboard sensors with real world applications, like solar panel control and management, as well as the newly released ActiviTie along with various other tinyTILE integrations.

Premier Farnell's tinyTILE is based on Intel's Curie module, which enables the platform to be a part of the Anaren 2.0 development environment. This environment significantly improves ease-of-access and enablement for the embedded development community looking to use Intel Curie technology and tinyTILE as a platform for prototyping, innovation and applications such as wearables.