Harris Receives NSA Certification for RF-300H Manpack Radio System

Harris has received the National Security Agency (NSA) Type-1 certification for their Falcon III RF-300H wideband HF manpack radio system. The Type-1 certification enables transmission of classified images, maps and other large data files from beyond-line-of-sight environments in a compact, lightweight package.

The RF-300H manpack delivers data up to 10 times faster and is 20 percent smaller and lighter than previous radios. It also provides a reliable alternative to satellite communications for beyond line-of-sight voice and data communications.

The U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) ranks cryptographic products or algorithms by a certification called Product Types. Product types are defined in the National Information Assurance Glossary under Type 1, Type 2, products and Type 3, and Type 4 algorithms. A Type 1 product is a device or system certified by the NSA for use in securing classified U.S. Government information, cryptographically. The certification is a rigorous process that includes, testing and formal analysis of (among other things) cryptographic security, functional security, tampers resistance, emissions security (EMSEC/TEMPEST), and security of the product manufacturing and distribution process.

The NSA certification will now allow Harris to continue providing leading-edge secure communications technology to the defense armies and organizations.