Soitec Manufacturing 200-mm SOI Wafers for RF & Power Applications in China

Soitec has announced that they have begun high-volume production of 200-mm silicon-on-insulator (SOI) wafers. The wafers are manufactured with Soitec's Smart Cut technology at the manufacturing facility of its Chinese partner Shanghai Simgui Technology (Simgui), who is fully qualified by key Soitec customers. This successful implementation of a partnership model represents a key milestone for Soitec in managing its worldwide manufacturing capacity to meet market demand for 200-mm SOI wafers used in fabricating semiconductors for the growing communications and power device markets.

The first 200-mm SOI wafers produced at Simgui's manufacturing facility in Shanghai using Soitec's proprietary Smart Cut technology were qualified by their initial customers at the end of last year. Additional customers are currently in the process of qualifying the wafers. Producing the wafers in China has been a key objective of Soitec's and Simgui's licensing and technology-transfer agreement, signed in May 2014, and validates Smart Cut as a standard process. This wafer production line in China will boost the industrial manufacturing capacity of 200-mm SOI wafers to meet increasing worldwide usage and also will be a key element in establishing the SOI ecosystem in China.

Soitec's 200-mm RF-SOI and Power-SOI products are dedicated to the mobile and automotive markets respectively. As the leading SOI substrate innovator and manufacturer, Soitec has the largest worldwide capacity of SIO wafers with both 200-mm and 300-mm wafers produced at multiple fabs in France.