Cobham Showcases New 1.2 m Stabilized VSAT at SATELLITE 2017

Cobham showcased its new, state-of-the-art 1.2 meter EXPLORER 8120 VSAT Antenna system with unique stabilization technology at the recently concluded SATELLITE 2017 event. The EXPLORER 8120 is an Auto-Acquire, Drive-Away Antenna System providing 'Comms-On-The-Pause' operation with high-speed connectivity and link stability for professional users from a wide range of industries including news & broadcasting, oil & gas and utilities management.

The new antenna system combines a larger antenna reflector with the unique Dynamic Pointing Correction system introduced on the EXPLORER 8100, giving users the opportunity to enjoy even higher bandwidth and availability of service anywhere within the coverage area. It retains the unique ability to maintain a strong link to the satellite should the vehicle move on its suspension due people getting in and out, high winds, earth tremors, and percussive shock events such as the local use of heavy military ordinance, for example.

While standard vehicle mounted VSAT antennas can lose connection to the satellite with even the slightest movement of the vehicle on its suspension, EXPLORER 8120 and 8100 can keep a strong link to the satellite, ensuring optimal connection at all times. Using unique Dynamic Pointing Correction technology inspired by Cobham's maritime stabilized VSAT antennas, EXPLORER 8120 offers the most reliable connectivity available in its class. The system works with most major satellite networks and is available in 3 Ku-band configurations; no BUC, 8 W BUC and 20 W BUC variants.

In addition to its unique stabilization technology, its new, larger reflector dish provides for greater service availability and higher throughput across more of the satellite footprint, ensuring high reliability for fast connectivity and live HD video transmission from almost anywhere in the world. With 1 & 1.2 meter antenna systems now available with Dynamic Pointing Correction, Cobham SATCOM's diverse customer base can choose the antenna size most suited to the size and type of their vehicles.

The EXPLORER 8000 family has expanded further with the new 'High Power' 20 W BUC option as well as a no BUC option for both the 1 and 1.2 meter antenna systems, both supplied by a 1000 W ACU that caters up to 55 W BUCs. This new Cobham designed solution integrates perfectly with EXPLORER VSAT technology to deliver seamless, reliable and high speed connectivity.