Terma's Surface Movement Radar to Secure Beijing's New Airport

Terma has been awarded the contract to deliver Surface Movement Radars (SMR) for the new airport in Beijing, China scheduled to open in 2019. The airport will join the long list of major airports to operate the new generation solid state SCANTER 5502 Surface Movement Radar. The delivery will be effectuated together with local long-term partner LES Nanjing.

The purpose of the Surface Movement Radar is to maximize safety in airports by allowing Air Traffic Controllers to monitor, advise, and instruct aircrafts, vehicles and personnel moving on the ground in an airport. A radar is very suitable for this purpose as it covers a large area and operates independently of visibility conditions i.e day/night, fog, rain or snow.

The SCANTER 5502 Solid State Surface Movement Radars is integrated into the airport’s Advanced Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS) as the primary non-corporative surveillance sensor. It is an X-band, Solid State, 2D, fully coherent pulse compression radar with software-defined functionality. The outstanding capabilities of the SCANTER 5502 ensure reliable detection of very small targets and produce an overall clear, well-defined, high-resolution radar image of the coverage area, day and night and in all weather conditions.


  • Embedded Terma Tracker with ASTERIX cat. 10 output
  • Latest technology on the Market including making the product ready for the future
  • Improved performance through increased resolution and improved target detection, in all weather conditions
  • Flexibility in frequency planning and adjustment of transmitted power leading to low susceptibility to interference
  • Remote Access over LAN
  • Swift integration into A-SMGCS due to open architecture and processed digital radar video output
  • Pulse Compression leading to low power transmission (50 W peak/10 W average)
  • Frequency Diversity with 4 simultaneous frequencies in the air
  • Power Sector transmission incl. Sector blanking (Prohibit), Transmit  or reduced power in up to 16 sectors
  • Superior Situation Awareness
  • Built-in BITE
  • Low Maintenance cost and High MTBF figures
  • Service Display with the processed digital radar video on top of a Google map

The SCANTER 5502 networks in an IP-Network structure and is designed to integrate and form part of an airport A-SMGCS performing single- or multi-sensor operation.

Built-in video and clutter processing optimizes for subsequent target tracking. Remote transceiver control and monitoring with distributed radar images are available for integration in third-party platforms. Static clutter map allows for remote update and map communality. Frequency planning within the X-band (9000 - 9500 MHz) can be performed to adapt to local requirements or to solve interference problems.

Terma Surface Movement Radars are in operation in 18 major Chinese airports including Beijing Daxing International Airport. Besides the new Beijing Airport, a total of +120 international airports around the globe are equipped with Terma SMR radars.