R&S Introduces New, Low Cost Products in its Value Instruments Range

Rohde & Schwarz has introduced three new entry-level high performance test and measurement products at competitive prices. The Munich-based T&M expert is fortifying its growing commitment to its value instruments range of products and has started extending its distribution network of channel partners worldwide.

Of the three new entry class T&M Instruments, The R&S RTB2000 is the first entry-level oscilloscope to offer a 10-bit vertical resolution as well as 10 Msample memory and a 10" touch screen. The second, R&S FPC1000 entry-class spectrum analyzer features a flexible keycode upgrade concept, solid RF performance, the largest and highest resolution display in its class and integrated Wi-Fi for remote control. The third offering is the R&S NGE100, a practical addition to every user's lab bench, offering a two or three-channel 66 W/100 W power supply with galvanically isolated and potential-free channels, low ripple and protection functionality for voltage, current and power - separately settable for each channel.

Rohde & Schwarz is extending its network of distributors and channel partners in key regions around the world for these easy-to-use instruments. Over 100 distributors have now added R&S value instruments to their portfolio. This poses a significant change in its distribution strategy, which formerly consisted mainly of direct distribution of its predominantly high-end portfolio.

R&S presented the R&S RTB2000, the R&S FPC1000 and the R&S NGE100 for the first time at the embedded world 2017 international trade fair in Nuremberg, Germany.