LBA Technology to Distribute EMCTD Smart Fieldmeter Systems in the Americas

LBA Technology has announced that EMC Test Design has appointed them as a distributor in the Americas for EMCTD Smart Fieldmeter systems. The EMCTD instruments are high quality, cost effective RF survey meters.

LBA can now complement its traditional suite of RF safety services with a professional, cost effective broadband RF Safety survey meter. LBA’s EMCTD offerings will support FCC, OSHA, and international radio frequency compliance in the industrial, broadcast, and wireless communications markets. Broadband Smart Fieldmeters, broadband RF probes, and accessories can be combined in many ways to suit industry-specific requirements.

Broadband RF survey meters are used for laboratory testing of RF devices and maximum permissible exposure (MPE) surveys on broadcast, communications, medical, and industrial systems. Some industrial applications include surveys on RF welders, lasers, heat sealers and semiconductor production equipment. These meters are perfect for compliance tests on many types of RF producing equipment to demonstrate conformance with OSHA, FCC, ICNRP, Canada Safety Code 6, and other RF health standards.

Recognizing that most users in its markets are not RF engineers, LBA has pre-engineered four versatile broadband Smart Fieldmeter systems containing the correct instruments, probe(s) and accessories for OSHA/FCC compliance specialists to immediately apply to their needs in the broadcast, wireless communications and industrial sectors. The LBA function-engineered EMCTD broadband RF meter consists of the ANGPE-3000 (general purpose analog), DIGPE-3000 (general purpose digital), DIGPEH-3000 (industrial and AM/SW broadcast) and the DIGMPE-8000 (shaped response for broadcast and wireless communications).

The EMCTD analog Smart Fieldmeter is easy to read and to operate. The EMCTD broadband electromagnetic probe covers the 0.2 to 3000 MHz spectrum where most common industrial, communications, medical and government RF emitters are found. The system is designed to conveniently measure RF levels around WiFi access points, RFID systems and rooftop antennas; to find transmitter cabinet radiation, locate transmission line leaks, to identify non-radiating antenna elements, and much more. With the supplied NIST-traceable calibration, this system supports laboratory testing of RF devices in compliance with present EMC and RF safety standards.

Beyond the pre-engineered systems, the full range of EMCTD test products are available from LBA Technology. These include digital and analog survey instruments, a full range of probes for both electrical and magnetic field measurements up to 40 GHz, utility accessories, and software options. Click here to get detailed specifications of the EMCTD Smart Fieldmeter products.

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