AmpliTech Announces Record Fiscal Third Quarter Results

AmplitechThe AmpliTech Group announced that the Company achieved record revenues of $ 721,000, a 90% increase over the third quarter same as that of previous year, again substantially growing its available cash and flexibility for business development. With a $ 1 million backlog of open orders that is growing, AmpliTech is excited about where the business is headed while also having such a healthy balance sheet at the same time.

The company’s LNA line of business is in greater demand, globally, and they are hopeful to be closer to achieving their goal of funding substantial R&D efforts that can deliver newer, market-shaping products. The knowledge of emerging trends in wireless communications, and the demands on the existing communications infrastructure, should manifest in robust growth opportunities for products that AmpliTech is aggressively pursuing in R&D in 2017, and they has informed to update shareholders of their growth strategies as they emerge.