AmpliTech Announces Exclusive National Distribution Agreement

AmpliTech has signed an exclusive national distribution agreement with a major microwave and wireless component distributor to stock and market AmpliTech's state-of-the-art room temperature and cryogenic low noise amplifiers. The agreement’s end result is a much higher level of exposure for AmpliTech products with key Fortune 500 OEM's in commercial, space and wireless markets demand that is created for high performance products which will now receive a. With world-class distributor stocking all types of high quality AmpliTech microwave products, it has a lead-in to the large OEM's that will now be able to take advantage of their high performance products as well, thereby boosting sales and creating additional demand.

According to the distributor, many LNAs will be needed as there is a large pipeline of existing customers that have already requested new LNAs for this year and next year. The distribution agreement is expected to bring in significant revenue for next year. The cryogenic LNAs have long been a staple product for AmpliTech and they are used in nanophysics accelerators, radio astronomy, microbiology, quantum optics, and communication systems. In addition to the cryogenic LNAs, the distributor will also stock AmpliTech's standard popular LNAs to facilitate quick access to their technology directly from their website.

The agreement according to AmpliTech is just one of the methods of following their continuing goal of increasing sales and profit by adding sales channels and cross-marketing platforms. Some of the key highlights of AmpliTech’s recent advances in strategic planning have been:

  • Record revenue and net profit of ~30% for 2Q and 3Q 2016. Exceptional performance expected for 4Q as well.
  • Success at IMS 2016 and EDICON 2016 trade shows with bookings in excess of $500K and counting.
  • National distribution agreement resulted from attending the EDICON 2016 trade show.
  • Joint venture and re-selling partners established to increase sales and marketing efforts which led to expanded product lines and increased revenue.
  • R&D efforts will lead to high margin product lines next year further supplementing revenue.
  • OTC Markets forum led to new B2B platform targets and interest in company technology