AmpliTech Announces Record 2nd Fiscal Quarter in 2016

The AmpliTech Group has announced a record fiscal second quarter in terms of revenue and profit for 2016. The company dedicated the growth to their shift to a new phase of productivity in their new facility which otherwise had hampered the productivity in the first quarter of 2016 because of problems associated with logistics and transportation of industry equipment from the old base.

However, the company has now overcome those problems as evidenced by the results of this quarter, and converting those bookings into revenue. With revenues in excess of $ 500,000 and an estimated net profit of greater than 30% last quarter, AmpliTech expect to have a good year. The Company stated that although it had a high-revenue quarter, part of the increase was due to delayed shipments from the first quarter. It expects to book orders in excess of $ 600,000 this month and the backlog continues to rise.