GaN RF Power Devices to Represent 25% of High-Power Semiconductors Wireless Infrastructure Market

According to a recent ABI Research report, Gallium Nitride (GaN) RF power devices are expected to represent nearly 25% of all high-power semiconductors for mobile wireless infrastructure in 2017. The GaN RF power semiconductor devices gained meaningful market share over the last two years, despite a lackluster 2016.

RF power amplifiers (RFPA) form the integral parts of all base-stations for cellular and mobile wireless infrastructure. They represent one of the most expensive component sub-assemblies in modern wireless infrastructure equipment, and both their performance and cost are important drivers in base-station design. The RF power semiconductors used in these power amplifiers must keep pace with the economic and technical realities facing designers and users of these RF power amplifiers. Here, efficiency, physical size, linearity, and reliability are among the principal concerns. As price pressures become fiercer, new and innovative techniques and materials must be used to reduce the cost of this important component part while still maintaining performance.

ABI Research forecasts, the increasing and critical need for wireless data to be an important market driver. LTE and the initial building blocks of 5G will fuel the market's growth for the next five years and hence also heat up the GaN market. According to the research, the Asia-Pacific region, including China, will drive present and future revenue, the most.

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