Final Call for Paper Submissions for 2017 Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium

The Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium 2017 is set to take place in Miami from the 22 to 25 of October, 2017. The final call for paper submissions is approaching with the deadline for the submission of abstracts set to be the 5 of May, 2017. The abstracts can be submitted online and you can expect to hear back from the conference by the middle of June on whether your paper has been accepted.

The Compound Semiconductor IC Symposium (CSICS) is the premier event for networking with international colleagues on advances in all aspects of compound semis. Once associated with just gallium arsenide, compound conference has grown to include gallium nitride, indium phosphide, silicon germanium, graphene, diamond and other advanced processes, and even the newest adaptations of silicon CMOS. The conference provides up to date information on a wide variety of circuit applications include analog, RF, mixed-signal, mm-wave, THz circuits, even photonics and power conversion. You can expect to attend tracks on electromagnetic and large signal modeling with the latest EDA tools, and thermal analysis and advanced packaging are well represented.

Specific Technical Areas of Interest Include:

  • High performance devices such as GaN power conversion devices, 700 GHz SiGe HBTs & InP HEMTs
  • Novel devices such as tunnel FETs (TFETs), carbon nanotubes, MEMS, graphene & diamond transistors
  • Integration of III-V devices on Si
  • Optoelectronic and photonic devices such as optical modulators, lasers, photodetectors, and Silicon Photonics
  • Device and circuit modeling concepts and implementation / EM and EDA tools
  • Thermal management technologies, thermal simulation, and advanced packaging of high-power devices and ICs
  • Device and IC manufacturing processes, testing methodologies, & reliability
  • Analog, RF, mixed-signal, mm-wave, THz, power conversion and optoelectronic circuit blocks and ICs in III-V, CMOS, SiGe BiCMOS

For more information about symposium, including abstract submission, click here.