Knowles Introduces 10nF Safety Certified MLCCs for Automotive Applications

MLCC’s have been used in automotive applications for many years, but the big change being seen is the voltage rating and size of components now being used. This new revolution in MLCC technology, used in control electronics, is being driven by modern on-board charging systems - PHEV & EV where mains ac is involved. Knowles brand Syfer has responded to demands by increasing its range of 250 V ac X1/Y2 Safety Certified capacitors to 10 nF.

Available in a 2220 case size, these X7R dielectric capacitors offer the user the option of greater total capacitance on the board, or piece part count reduction. For example, they can take the place of 2 x 4.7 nF X1/Y2 capacitors connected in parallel to reduce component count, size and weight - leading to a significant reduction in cost. Knowles high voltage capacitor expertise means this range offers the highest capacitance / widest range available for a class X1/Y2 250 V ac surface mount MLCC.

All Knowles Safety Certified capacitors comply with international UL and TÜV (UL ongoing) specifications to offer designers the option of using a surface mount ceramic multilayer capacitor to replace leaded film types. Offering the benefits of simple pick-and-place assembly, reduced board space and lower profile - they are also available in a FlexiCap version to reduce the risk of mechanical cracking.  REACH, RoHS and ELV compliant.

Now in pre-production, the 10 nF, B16 parts have already been by approved by major automotive manufacturers and under review by several others.


  • Country: United States
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