Orbital Research Announces New CEO and Business Development VP

Orbital Research Ltd., a leading satellite communications components provider, has announced its sale to senior employees. Ian McEachern, Orbital’s vice-president of engineering will now assume the role of president and CEO and will become the majority shareholder. To ensure a smooth transition, Orbital’s current president and founder, Mike Stevens, will remain with the company to advise the senior management team during the transition.

The company also announced the appointment of Trevor Hiebert as the Vice-President of Business Development. Hiebert brings a wealth of experience in the satellite communications industry starting with hands on experience, installing and designing earth stations as well as over 15 years in senior sales positions working on some of the largest satellite communications projects ever, steering billion-dollar and multi-million dollar deals through to completion.

With the global demand for communications components increasing due to the trend towards aircraft in-flight connectivity as well as the “small satellite” boom for earth observation applications. Orbit research expects to be involved in satellite communications with the lower cost and wider availability of low earth orbit CubeSats and NanoSats fueling diverse applications including communications, agricultural and forestry surveillance, mineral exploration, natural resource management, and scientific research. Orbital Research has a proven track record in the military and in-flight sectors, providing solutions for the most demanding conditions.

According to the outgoing President and Founder, Mike Stevens, Orbital Research’s innovative designs and quality manufacturing have consistently attracted top-tier customers and that he could not leave the company in better hands. With over 30 years of experience in the satellite industry, he believes new CEO Ian McEachern has the technical expertise and the management experience to steer Orbital successfully.