Fujitsu and enmo Technologies Announce Technology Collaboration on IoT Devices

Fujitsu Components and enmo Technologies have announced a technology collaboration to support Fujitsu IoT devices in the enmo Platform. enmo is a SaaS platform used by developers to quickly develop mobile IoT Smartphone Apps.

The Fujitsu Sensor Beacon IoT device is now supported in the enmo Platform. The Sensor Beacon is a compact, mobile IoT device containing a Bluetooth radio module with temperature and accelerometer sensors. It is powered by a CR family Li coin battery. enmo's support for the Sensor Beacon includes: IoT.Over.Beacon-based reference firmware (movement-triggered data logger); enmo's development Apps (available in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store); and the ability to use the enmo Platform to quickly create custom smartphone apps for applications using the Sensor Beacon.

Fujitsu has worked closely with enmo to port their IoT.Over.Beacon technology to their Sensor Beacon IoT device. Complete smartphone apps for IoT deployment that use the Sensor Beacon can now be developed and launched in minutes through the enmo Platform. Fujitsu will continue to work with enmo to have their Platform support other Fujitsu IoT devices, such as the Blue Brain module.

The Fujitsu Sensor Beacon is a great solution for industrial and enterprise IoT applications. The off-the-shelf availability of the Sensor Beacon and enmo’s rapid Smartphone App Development Platform means that engineers can now quickly prototype a complete hardware and software IoT application. This will enable new and valuable IoT use cases, especially in monitoring industrial equipment conditions in logistics and in asset tracking.