World’s Lightest, Smallest Tactical Mesh-Networking Radio for Public Safety & Defense Applications

goTenna, the first and only company to enable completely off-grid, long-range mobile communications on regular smartphones regardless of cell service, wifi, satellites, or base stations, has announced the availability of its third product, the goTenna Pro. A professional-grade, mesh-networking tactical radio. The goTenna Pro is available in a candy-bar form factor, at a price-point most comparable to the cost of a single replacement battery for legacy systems. It has been designed for use by institutional users such as emergency responders, government agencies, military personnel, and enterprise businesses.

The device works in conjunction with the simple goTenna Pro smartphone app - or with any variety of apps built atop goTenna Pro’s open software development kit (SDK) - to allow users to send and receive critical data over many miles and across various terrain, without any kind of centralized infrastructure. Before the goTenna Pro, this kind of high-performance mesh-capable radio system would cost tens of thousands of dollars per unit and be extremely bulky - representing an insurmountable barrier to acquisition for almost all except the most well-funded military operators. This solution is 40x less expensive, 12x smaller, 10x lighter, and 30x more energy efficient than any other comparable mesh networking tactical radio system. Plus, with its intuitive smartphone integration, operationalization is immediate - no special training is required, as it works just like any other messaging app on your smartphone.

Some of the key enhancements in goTenna Pro relative to the company’s existing consumer product line are:

  • Professional-grade, high-performance mesh networking
  • Upgraded 5-watt variable output power
  • Software-defined tunable VHF/UHF radio (142-175 MHz & 445-480 MHz)
  • Greatly upgraded radio sensitivity (-124 dBm)
  • SMA antenna connector for easy operation with any legacy antennas
  • Military grade ruggedization (MILSPEC & IP68)
  • Intrinsic safety for explosive environments
  • Upgraded battery life exceeding 60 hours per charge
  • Complementary enterprise fleet management portal

By providing a reliable mode of long-range multi-hop communication that operates independent of top-down infrastructure at an affordable cost and user-friendly form factor, the goTenna Pro is accessible to everyone from non-profit relief workers to local fire and police, through to elite and traditional defense personnel. This radio not only brings new users to the table who were previously shut out from high-quality mesh-capable communications in the past, but it also makes entirely new and unique kinds of communications architectures possible for the first time. New possible network architectures include deploying to the field with multiple Pro units on each user so as to bread-crumb devices in challenging or obstructed environments to ensure reliable communications no matter what. Teams can also interconnect goTenna Pro with traditional networking systems like wifi, LTE, or satellite to push the tactical edge of the network out further than before, through a flexible and long-range hub-and-spoke network architecture.

At launch, goTenna Pro will be available for purchase directly from company's website as well as via authorized distribution partners. goTenna will also offer a cloud-based fleet management portal and the goTenna Professional Deployment Kit. The goTenna Professional Management Portal is a full-featured web portal for the provisioning, management, and maintenance of enterprise teams’ goTenna Pro devices, and is included with the purchase of any Pro device for free, with the option to upgrade to certain paid SaaS features. The goTenna Professional Deployment Kit enables operators to maintain as well as efficiently deploy up to 30 goTenna Pro units and their partner apps in any situation without any need for network connectivity anywhere in the world. To learn more about goTenna and goTenna Pro, click here.