GORE Cable Assemblies to Improve Wi-Fi on Short-Haul Flights

W. L. Gore & Associates has announced that its GORE Microwave Sealed Airframe Assemblies will be used to improve Wi-Fi internet access on European short-haul flights.

The European Aviation Network is a next generation platform from mobile satellite communications provider Inmarsat to provide a true in-flight broadband experience for millions of airline passengers across Europe. It is the first solution in the world to combine high capacity satellite coverage operated by Inmarsat and a 4G LTE ground network, operated by the telecommunications company Deutsche Telekom, to provide high-speed connectivity.

Passengers will benefit from this integrated approach by getting the speed that a ground network can deliver and the continual coverage that only a satellite can provide. To do this successfully, data transmission between satellite, ground towers and the aircraft must work seamlessly. This is where Gore’s assemblies come into play.

These assemblies are installed onto the aircraft, connecting the antenna located on the belly of the plane to the transceivers installed in the plane. It’s a challenging environment, considering that liquid contaminants will naturally flow to the lowest point in the fuselage where the antenna is located. For this reason, the cable assembly must be vapor-sealed to provide durable protection against water, vapor, jet fuel, hydraulic oils and other contaminants.

GORE Microwave Sealed Airframe Assemblies are vapor-sealed to provide durable protection against the ingress of water vapor, jet fuel and other contaminants. The robust construction of Gore’s assemblies also provides outstanding shielding effectiveness against electromagnetic interference that can compromise signal integrity over long distances and reduce the quality of signal transmission.

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