Cinch Connectivity Introduces RF Fixed Length Cable Assemblies

Cinch Connectivity Solutions has introduced an extension of its Johnson brand of RF Fixed Length Cable Assemblies with new metric fixed length versions of most standard, popular cable configurations.

The Johnson brand of RF Fixed Length Cable Assemblies is offering lengths from as short as 75 mm, up to 3 meters. Their offerings span across all connector types (SMA, MCX/MMCX, BNC, SMB, Type N and UMC) and cable types (RG-58, 142, 178, 316, 316D and Conformable) with custom configurations available upon request. This expansion broadens the Johnson offering to almost 600 discrete cable assemblies providing optimal length specific options for most applications. These cables are ideal for antennas, base stations, telecommunications, test and measurement, semiconductor test boards and instrumentation, utility and smart metering, GPS/automotive and agricultural applications.

View the complete inventory of Johnson RF Fixed Length Cable assemblies.