New 31 GHz mmWave Solution for 5G Backhaul and Fixed Wireless Deployment

Cambridge Broadband Networks (CBNL) has introduced a 31 GHz variant of its VectaStar solution, broadening the company’s coverage of licensed high-band frequencies to accelerate 5G backhaul and fixed wireless deployment. The VectaStar 31 GHz solution drives significant innovation into a previously under-utilized band in the US, providing carriers with a unique business case to unlock the vast bandwidth of millimeter wave and deliver next generation services across the country.

By launching the new 31 GHz solution, CBNL strengthens its position as the first company to commercialize PMP technology across the licensed 28 to 39 GHz bands, which has already delivered superfast pre-5G broadband to over 35,000 homes and businesses in the US.

By deploying VectaStar as a last-mile solution, carriers can deliver up to 1.2 Gbps to a site and benefit from a ground-breaking business case that speeds up time to market and reduces total cost of ownership by up to 50 percent when compared to existing point-to-point solutions. This is supported by VectaStar’s high levels of spectrum reuse, which enable carriers to increase the customers they can serve from the spectrum, driving unparalleled network efficiency and return on investment.