SoftBank to Sell Electric Imp’s IoT Development Kits in Japan

SoftBank has announced that it will sell Electric Imp’sIoT QuickStart Family” through SoftBank “+Style”, a platform that supports companies producing IoT (Internet of Things) products with new ideas and prototyping efforts. From late April, developers will be able to order the Electric Imp prototype and development kits to accelerate IoT product development.

With Electric Imp’s imp004m Breakout Board, which implements the imp004m TELEC-certified 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi module, and the impExplorer Kits, companies will be able to facilitate IoT product development using the Electric Imp secure IoT connectivity platform. The platform includes a wide array of services, tools and advanced technologies designed to decrease the costs and time to develop, prototype and test IoT products. The combination of integrated hardware, impOS, impCloud, impSecure, and BlinkUp provide device management, secure provisioning, firmware and software over-the-air updates, and pre-built integrations. Moreover, with Electric Imp’s leading impSecure, which enforces end-to-end security on and between embedded systems and the cloud, companies can focus on commercialization efforts versus worrying about security.

The two Electric Imp products available on “+Style” will be:

  • The imp004m Breakout Board is a development board purpose-built for IoT that includes a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi module with ARM Cortex-M4 processor. When using the imp004m Breakout Boards, PoC’s for applications such as Smart Building, energy management, asset monitoring and management, predictive maintenance, and automated replenishment, can be delivered at a fraction of the cost and time required by other solutions.

  • The impExplorer Kits help software developers learn about or train others on connecting to the IoT. Like the imp004m Breakout Boards, each Kit leverages the Electric Imp connectivity platform but does not require a breadboard or other additional components. The impExplorer Kit is powered either by 3xAA batteries or USB and includes four sensors - temperature, humidity, air pressure and accelerometer - as well as Grove connectors for solderless expansion.

To learn more about Electric Imp’s “IoT QuickStart Family”, including imp004m Breakout Board and impExplorer Kits, click here.