ZF and Astyx to Jointly Develop Next-Gen Radar Technology

In a recent development, ZF Friedrichshafen has announced the acquisition of a 45% stake in Astyx Communication & Sensors from the Hannover Finanz Group and the founding shareholders. Founded in 1997 in Ottobrunn near Munich, Astyx develops and produces ultrahigh-frequency radar sensors and modules for the automotive and other industries. According to ZF, after branching out into LIDAR technology last year, they are now expanding their R&D activities in another key technology area for environmental and object detection. Astyx’s radar technology, complements ZF’s radar solutions currently utilized for driver assistance functions such as distance control. The fusion of radar, LIDAR and camera sensors will deliver environmental detection functionality essential for advanced safety and autonomous driving.

Radar sensors work in a similar way to ultrasound with the difference being that they transmit bundled electromagnetic radiation instead of ultrasound signals which can then detect objects as well as their associated distance and speed. Modern radars have the capability to achieve high-resolution in terms of detection, position and determining the motion of people and objects down to the centimeter. Together with ZF, Astyx will develop the next generation of radar sensors for  global vehicle manufacturers designed with the capability to deliver even more precise images of the short and long-range environment.

The activities of TRW were integrated into ZF's Active and Passive Safety Technology Division after the company's purchase in May 2015. The division has been developing and supplying radar technology for many years helping advanced driver assistance systems where distance and automatic speed control are crucial. ZF took over the shares of the previous minority shareholder Hannover Finanz Group and the foundation shareholders. The private equity company based in Hanover and Vienna accompanied Astyx as equity capital partner for the past 17 years.