Telit IoT Solutions Allow Remote Access to Equipment in Over 100 Semiconductor Fabs

Telit has now completed their 100th installation of its secureWISE software platform in a 300mm semiconductor fabrication plant (Fab). As part of Telit’s IoT Factory Solutions, secureWISE has been providing secure remote IoT connectivity to tool manufacturers (OEMs) for the semiconductor industry for over 12 years. Telit’s IoT Factory Solutions focuses the company’s vision of connected factories, connected machines, and connected consumers and ties directly into its core IoT business. It currently connects more than $300 billion in manufacturing assets.

The secureWISE software platform has been widely recognized as the de-facto solution for highly-secure remote access to semiconductor equipment. The software serves 18 of the top 20 OEMs and is used by every major integrated device manufacturer (IDM) and foundry to securely connect over 250 different tool types with their manufacturers. Connecting more fabs and OEMs than any other platform in the industry, it delivers secure, configurable end-to-end remote IoT connectivity across a closed, private network. secureWISE allows fabs and OEMs to remotely collaborate in ways that improve equipment performance at every stage of the process and lifecycle while protecting valuable intellectual property (IP).

Major semiconductor tool makers have introduced high availability service models that are tightly embedded into their machines installed at the fabs. OEMs are now able to use IoT and remotely collect data, to analyze, fix – as well as predict – any problem with their machines on the semiconductor production floor from any global location. They can offer immediate service and support from subject matter experts to the fabs. In turn, these new service models result in improved uptime and higher reliability of production tools.

The secureWISE e-Centre server gives a fab full control of how, when, and what tools can be accessed, assuring that the OEM doesn’t have any unauthorized direct access to production tools. Furthermore, these built-in role-based access functions give fabs a detailed audit trail with comprehensive reporting and business analytics of all activities.

Spanning the globe, secureWISE is rapidly extending beyond 300mm fabs with new deployments across 200mm fabs, flat panel displays, solar and other manufacturing facilities.