ABI Research Forecasts 4.5 Billion Global Smart Home Sensor Installations by 2022

According to a new research report by ABI Research, a new generation of smart home sensors are expected to exceed four billion installations globally by 2022. These sensors will soon change how homes are built, maintained, and managed. The sensors, embedded in a wide range of smart home devices and appliances, will deliver near real-time understanding of even slight changes within home environments. The ability to transform this data into valuable systems and services will be at the heart of smart home adoption and the future housing market.

The success of smart home voice control devices, such as the Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Apple’s efforts with Siri and Apple TV have in the past emphasized the ability for audio sensing to not only change actions in the home but to also entice collaboration from a wide range of associated application and service providers.

The research now also expects smart home device manufacturers to leverage familiar sensor capabilities like sound, light, motion, and temperature, along with emerging techniques, such as tomographic sensing, to develop intelligent control systems able to react and adapt to the home environment automatically. At the same time, smart home integrators and platform providers must also establish how they can effectively leverage sensing to automate changes in the home.

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