Resonant Signs New Licensing Agreement for its RF Quadplexer Design

Resonant has signed three new licensing agreements with a leading Tier one RFFE (RF Front End) component vendor. The new licensing agreements encompass two high volume bands that were converted from joint development agreements (JDAs), as well as a new quadplexer. Together, Resonant now has three designs under development with this customer, all of which are now under formal licensing agreements. Upfront payments and milestone payments have been agreed upon, but were not disclosed due to the confidential nature of such agreements.

With the increasing complexity required by carrier aggregation and the industry-wide constraint on design capacity, the need for rapidly evolving technology capabilities is vital. The demand for smaller, lighter and thinner mobile devices with increasing video and other high data-rate capabilities is helping to fuel the need for Resonant’s sixth quadplexer design.

Resonant’s new quadplexer is their sixth under development and leverages the power of their ISN platform to develop the complex RFFE solutions. Their patented ISN technology will enable the company to design complex filter products at approximately half the unit cost and in approximately half the time of traditional approaches. The company’s large suite of proprietary mathematical methods, software design tools and network synthesis techniques enable it to explore a much larger set of possible solutions and quickly derive the optimum solution.

It is also worth noting that the customer doesn’t own its own fab, which demonstrates gaining momentum in a fabless filter model, which is similar to the model traditionally used in the production of semiconductors. By working with the RFFE customer, they can evaluate Resonant’s design tools, IP and services team to design and partner with a third party fab to cost-effectively deliver high value filters, duplexers and quadplexers.