World’s First Truly Flat Satellite Antenna for Mobile Connectivity

Kymeta recently introduced the world’s first, electronically scanned satellite antenna that can be used extensively across mobile and fixed platforms. The mTennau7 will begin commercial trials in May and Kymeta has taking commercial reservations for the satellite antenna and KyWay terminal.

The Kymeta mTenna technology, replaces traditional satellite dish technology with light, thin, software-steered antennas specifically designed for mobile communications. The satellite industry has been waiting for an electronically steered antenna to bring the massive capacity available via satellite to the mobile communications market. This is the first time a technology with this capability will be available in the market. High-throughput connectivity will now be available to a broad range of markets including maritime, rail, VIP and Civilian Armored Vehicles (CAV), energy and more.

Kymeta mTenna technology delivers a low profile, lightweight, small footprint, metamaterials based Ku-band antenna with several advanced features including:

  • Electronic RF beam-steering in manual or automatic modes with polarization selection and angle control, with absolutely no moving parts.
  • Satellite auto-acquisition and tracking with communication through a standardized application programming interface (API).
  • Weather-facing flat radome eliminating the bulky legacy radome, reducing weight and complexity for easy maintenance and installation.
  • Supports transmit and receive operations on a single aperture with low power consumption.