CTS Introduces High-Performance Low Pass Filters for Wireless Infrastructure

CTS Corporation has launched the RLF (Rooftop Low-pass Filter) family of products to offer compact, high performance low-pass filters (LPFs) for use in small-cell base stations or other RF wireless infrastructure applications. This line of ceramic filters expands their product portfolio for telecommunication applications and complements their latest innovations in band-pass filter and duplexer technologies.

An LPF is a 2-port RF filter used in an RF signal path to pass a range of frequencies below a specified frequency. It suppresses (attenuates) the frequencies above a particular frequency. Most commonly, these LPFs will be used in combination with a duplexer or band pass filter for high-frequency suppression to meet either co-location requirements for a second band locating at high frequencies, or to meet government/industry regulations for high frequency emissions. The RLF (Rooftop Low-pass Filter) can be used in a standalone environment, but is an excellent companion to CTS’s Clearplex band-pass filter and duplexer products.

CTS Corporation is both, an advanced ceramics manufacturer and component designer. This vertically integrated structure allows for great flexibility in the design and manufacture of ceramic filter solutions. As a result, they can produce high quality standard and custom solutions for a wide variety of applications and industries.