Swedish Operator Transmits 757 Mbps over a Commercial 4G Network

Residents in Stockholm will soon be able to experience record 4G speeds using Telia’s commercial network. Recent tests conducted by Telia and Ericsson pushed 4G networks up to 757 Mbit/s, paving the way for 5G and for advanced applications and services like Virtual and Augmented Reality. This was just 5% below the theoretical limit of 800 Mbps with 50 MHz of bandwidth.

The top speeds were increased by simultaneously transferring parallel data streams over the radio access technology and aggregating spectrum resources with, average speeds also being significantly raised.

The test was carried out in Stockholm at Bern’s where there is a plenty of media usage over networks. The results will help Telia determine how to develop 4G networks further, as well as prepare for 5G. They will also help eliminate any potential bottlenecks in future traffic. The network is developed in concert with special purpose-built tools.

Telia expects to offer customers a taste of 5G in Stockholm and Tallinn by the end of 2018.