World’s First Commercially Available 5G Phased Array Active Antenna for the 28 GHz Band

Anokiwave has introduced a family of Phased Array Antenna Innovator’s Kits. These are the world’s first commercially available electronically scanned active array's available for the prototyping and evaluation of millimeter-wave environments for 5G applications.

The AWMF-0129 is driven by the Anokiwave AWMF-0108 28 GHz 5G Quad Core IC with embedded functions for remote telemetry and low-latency steering. It is a 64-element, single polarization 5G phased array antenna designed to cover the 27.5 to 30 GHz frequency band. The AWMF-0129 is a planar antenna that can be used either as a stand-alone component, or combined and synchronized with other arrays to support hybrid beamforming and MIMO functionality as part of larger array.

With 50 dBmi of EIRP (Equivalent Isotropically Radiated Power), the array supports multiple beam widths. A wide beam is available to support channel state information measurements, search modes and broadcast channels. Multiple progressively narrower beams can be used for beam acquisition. And narrow beams allow for interference mitigation, optimizing SNR (Signal-to-Noise-Radio), maximizing EIRP, and range extension. A two-dimensional scan volume of ±60 degrees in both azimuth and elevation is supported.

Developed with Ball Aerospace for mmW wireless markets, the AWMF-0129 includes an integrated controller that can steer the single-beam array to a predetermined position within a wide scan volume with minimal latency and system sensitivity.

The AWMF-0129 Innovator’s kits are available now and customers may also license the technology for their own array development activities.


  • Country: United States
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