Resonant Advances Leadership in RF Innovation with Two New Patents

Resonant, a designer of filters for radio frequency, or RF, front-ends that specialize in delivering designs for difficult bands and complex requirements, has grown its patent portfolio to more than 125 issued and pending patents covering its Infinite Synthesized Networks (ISN) Technology. The achievement is a significant milestone in the company’s history and reflects its continued commitment to technological innovation and development. The milestone also signals an increased rate of innovation at Resonant after achieving its 50th patent milestone in January 2015, and 100th patent in July 2016. Two most recent patents, issued on March 28th, 2017, demonstrate the utility of the IP generated by the Resonant team.

The recent patents and their highlights include:

US Patent No.: 9,608,595: Acoustic Wave Filters With Enhanced Rejection

  • Increasingly crowded spectrum and the high transmit powers from the phone, which are required for higher data-rates need more rejection to prevent interference

US Patent No.: 9,607,119: Simulating Effect Of Temperature On Acoustic Wave Filters

  • To compensate for filters shifting with temperature variations, more expensive fabrication processes are used. Temperature models, as described in this patent, simulate these effects and enable designs that mitigate some of the temperature variability so that less expensive processing can be used