Sivers IMA Acquires CST Global for $16 Million USD

Sivers IMA has reached an agreement to acquire all shares in CST Global for approx. $16 Million. With a specific expertise in Optical Communication, CST Global boasts of a wide presence in the telecommunications, fiber, industry, defense and health sectors market. The company’s operations generated revenues of approximately 40 MSEK ($4.7 Million) for the fiscal year 2016 with a negative EBIT of approximately 8 MSEK (0.9$ Million). CST Global will be run as a division within the Sivers IMA group and is expects to have a positive EBIT for the full year 2017. CST Global’s preliminary numbers show a growth in revenue in the first quarter of 2017 compared to the same period last year by approximately 47 percent.

Known for its high-performance technical solutions and wafer fabrication of III-V-based optical products, CST Global offers products which are very important for passive optical network (PON), used for “Fiber-to-the-home” and “Fiber-to-the-office”. The market for broadband is showing strong growth and the technologies that are being developed to meet this demand are WiGig, 5G and fiber. In addition to interesting XPON / GPON products that are focused on broadband, CST Global last year developed products focused on data communication that deliver cutting edge solutions for the data center market and the Metro haul market and are based on 100 Gbps optical lasers. With the acquisition of CST Global, Sivers IMA will be able to deliver solutions within all these technologies at the same time.