Skyworks Achieves New Records in Environmental Resource Conservation and Waste Minimization

Skyworks Solutions has released its 2016 Sustainability Report providing a comprehensive self-assessment of the company's commitment to sustainable business practices. The report highlights Skyworks' efficiency improvements in energy and water use, reductions in municipal and hazardous waste and progress across environmental, labor, supply chain, health, safety, ethics and community activities.

Skyworks’ unit sales and revenue reached an all-time high in the fiscal year of 2016 . Yet according to the report, Skyworks continued its trend of manufacturing products with decreased environmental impact (per 1,000 production units).

Highlights of the Sustainability Report

  • Lessened its carbon dioxide emissions by 22 percent
  • Lowered its hazardous waste generation rate by 16 percent
  • Reduced its energy usage rate by 13 percent
  • Decreased its water consumption rate by 12 percent

Learn more about Skyworks Sustainability system and the 2016 Report.