Wideband Low Noise Amplifier for Test & Measurement Systems

MACOM LNAMACOM has introduced the MAAL-011141-DIE, a wideband low noise amplifier that operates from DC to 28 GHz. This LNA is ideal for next generation test and measurement systems that require high performance wideband components in smaller footprints to allow for smaller modular solutions. The MAAL-011141-DIE will also be released in a 5 mm QFN package and is part of a new family of next generation MACOM wideband amplifiers.

The MAAL-011141-DIE offers low noise figure across the full frequency range enabling signal integrity for wideband applications such as test and measurement and mission critical aerospace and defense. Requiring positive voltage only, the MAAL-011141-DIE eliminates the need for a negative voltage supply, allowing for fewer components and supply rails thus simplifying the design burden for customers. In addition, this low noise amplifier has a variable bias voltage, offering customers greater versatility to tradeoff between linearity and power consumption. The input and the output of the MAAL-011141 are fully matched to 50 Ω with a typical return loss >15 dB. Through innovative design techniques, this amplifier achieves a lower noise figure compared to alternative options, particularly at lower frequency ranges.

For over 60 years, MACOM’s design and applications experts have spearheaded innovation in the RF, microwave and millimeterwave domain. Proven engineering and application support teams are continuing in this legacy with the next generation of wideband MMIC solutions designed for the most demanding customer applications.

The combination of flat gain, low noise figure performance and fully matched operation makes this device ideal for demanding test and measurement applications. The positive bias supply and variable bias voltage make the device highly versatile for many other applications.

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  • Country: United States
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