ADI Opens R&D Facility in Ottawa, Canada, to Develop Highly Integrated RF Products

Analog Devices inaugurated a new R&D facility in Ottawa, Canada to focus on the design, characterization, validation, and testing of highly integrated RF products across multiple industries. The LEED-certified facility is 50 percent larger than the previous facility and will continue to house engineering staff dedicated to advancing the company’s RF and wireless technology solutions.

A ribbon-cutting ceremony marking the opening of the facility was attended by Analog Devices employees including Staff Scientist, Mark Cloutier; Edward Balboni (Director, RFIC); the ADI General Manager, Gorkem Guven; the Director for Test & Product Release Mike Gianino and Ottawa site manager, Patrick Boutard.

The new Ottawa R&D facility is located at 2611 Queensview Drive, Suite 200, Ottawa, ON, K2B 8K2.